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Mosquito Killer Outdoor Mosquito Killer Rainproof 4500V Electric Shock Garden Insect Killer Lamp Mosquito Lamp Traps Mosquitoes

Mosquito Killer Outdoor Mosquito Killer Rainproof 4500V Electric Shock Garden Insect Killer Lamp Mosquito Lamp Traps Mosquitoes

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Working voltage: 110V60Hz or 220V50Hz

Product size: 17.5*17.5*28.5cm

Product features: trapping light source technology, powerful electric shock, high mosquito killing rate, longer life

Power Source: Electrical

Origin: Mainland China

Lamp: special H mosquito lamp

Function 5: Insect repellent

Function 4: Electric Mosquito Killer

Function 3: Insect and Fly Killer Lamp

Function 2: Mosquito Trap Anti-mosquito night light

Function 1: Mosquito Killer

Brand Name: AISITIN

Applicable scene: room living room outdoor patio garden

Fly Killer Mosquito Killer Lamp 4500V 20W UV Light Electric Mosquito Killer, Electronic Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer, Plug-In Bulbs Used in Homes,Gardens, Indoor

  • ✨[Wide Coverage,4500V Current]: Our new mosquito killer lamp has an impressive coverage area of 1100 square feet and a 4500V power grid. Its efficiency is 3-4 times that of others. It is super strong,safe, and environmentally friendly 20W UV bulbs, without any Chemical substances can provide reliable and effective backyard and indoor pest control. When flying insects touch the power grid, they will be killed by electricity.

  • ✨[Easy to Clean Up]: There is a flying insect collector at the bottom of the mosquito killer. The space is large for collecting a lot of garbage and easy to clean. It is convenient and easy to disassemble and install. After rotating the base, you can use a brush to clean it, and then you can wash it with water. It is clean and tidy.

  • ✨[Simple to Use]: The installation is simple and easy to operate. You can put the electric attractor and the insect remover on a flat surface, or you can hang the large ring on the convenient hook on the top of it. For the 47-inch long PVC power cord, these operations are very easy. With the mosquito killer, there is no need to worry about powerful opponents, such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths.

  • ✨[Safe to Prevent Accidental Touch]: The mosquito killer shell uses ABS plastic hard shell, which effectively protects the safety of family members and pets, prevents accidental contact, and is harmful to humans and pets. Pets are non-toxic, odorless and harmless. Flying insects are difficult to fly out after entering the protective cover, and are attracted by the lights, and the power grid will kill them.

  • ✨[No Noise and Waterproof]: The electric mosquito killer lamp is universal indoor and outdoor. It is waterproof. You don't have to worry about it when it rains outdoors. You can continue to work to ensure the family's living environment. There is no noise in the house, and it does not disturb the family and pets. It is really a A good helper for home and yard gatherings.

Deworming through physical Eliminate flying insects in outdoor living areas

The mosquito killer shell is made of ABS material, which has higher compressibility, durability and longer service life. It is waterproof and can be used outdoors.

Bulb Replacemengt

  • Disconnect the unit from the electric source

  • Open the lamp by twisting the bottom tray in accordance with the arrows on it.

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screw that holds the plastic gate.

  • Now the bulb can be pulled out of its socket.

  • Insert the replacement bulb into the socket.

  • Mount all parts back.

To increase the Eradication rate, please clean mosquitoes stuck in the grid. Before cleaning, Please keep the power off, Use a screwdriver to open the plastic geid case. use soft brush to clean Metal grid

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