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CkeyiN Chin V-Line Up Lift Belt Machine Blue LED Photon Therapy EMS Face Lifting Slimming Vibration Massager Double Chin Reducer

CkeyiN Chin V-Line Up Lift Belt Machine Blue LED Photon Therapy EMS Face Lifting Slimming Vibration Massager Double Chin Reducer

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Brand Name: CkeyiN

Material: Plastic

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: MR555G

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Lifting

Number of Pieces: One Unit

EMS Micro CurrentImprove Facial Muscle Fiber Elasticity

6 Gears Adjustment to Meet Different Groups of People

6 Levels Adjustable

Lightweight Body+Face Fit Design

Facial Aesthetic Design Fits the Skin Surface with Adjustable Bandage

One-button Start

Simple Operation Easy to USE with Red Light&Blue Light

Foldable Design Easy to Carry

Equipped with a pair of Gels

6 Modes For Face-lifting

Firm Contour EMS+V-shape EMS+Low Frequency Magnetic Therapy EMS+Heating+Vibration

Product SpecificationFeatures:

1. Lightweight body + face fit design, facial aesthetic design, fit the skin surface, adjustable bandage freely adjust the size according to the face shape, wearing without restraint

2. Skin-friendly silicone, fits the face more comfortably.

3. Multifunction modes:

Firm contour: EMS (Tuina function) + blue light.

V-shaped shaping: EMS (kneading function).

Low frequency magnetic therapy: EMS (Gua Sha function) + red light.

Sterilization and swelling: red light + EMS (beating function) + heating.

Clean acne beauty: red light.

Photon rejuvenation: blue light + EMS (acupuncture function) + vibration.

EMS micro current stimulates the production of ATR, stimulates the human subcutaneous tissue, improves facial muscle fiber elasticity, activates collagen activity, and tightens the skin;

Red light irradiation cleans, sterilizes, protects the skin and strengthens skin absorption and repair, balances skin oil, whitens spots, and reduces pores;

Blue light irradiation improves skin cell activity, promotes metabolism, promotes blood circulation, enhances skin elasticity, skin rejuvenation and wrinkle removal, anti-aging and anti-oxidation;

Vibration tightens facial muscles, lifts and shapes.

4. 6 gear adjustment to meet different groups of people:

1-2 gears are suitable for new contact with the product, for people who are more sensitive to stress and have thin cuticles.

Levels 3-4 are suitable for 2-3 weeks of using the product, aimed at people with moderate stress, masseter hypertrophy and double chin.

Levels 5-6 are aimed at people who have used the product for more than 3 months, severely stressed, and broad and flat mandibles.

5. Equipped with a pair of gels to better feel the comfort brought by EMS micro current.


Material: ABS+silicone

Power: 3.5W

Charging voltage: DC3.5-5.0V

Battery capacity: 750 mAh

Charging time: about 4 hours (when charging, the indicator light is always red, and the full indicator light is off)

Use time: about 3 hours of continuous use

Hot compress temperature: 42℃±2℃

Modes: contour tightening, V-shaped shaping, low frequency magnetic therapy, sterilization and swelling reduction, acne cleansing, photorejuvenation

Gear position: 6 gears

Light therapy: blue light, red light

Power cord length: 44cm±2cm

Package Content:

Face-lifting device*1


Power cord*1

Remote control*1

Adjusting bandage*1

Gel*1 pair

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